About Us

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, December 8 AT 6:30 PM (SCHOOL CAFETERIA)


The Meadow Home School Association is a parent group that supports a variety of activities at Meadow School.  We work with the teachers and other staff to provide a positive environment for our children.  In addition to contributing to the student’s classrooms at a teacher’s request, the vast majority of our fundraising supports field trips.  Without the support of parents and teachers, many of the activities that occur at Meadow would not be possible.

We are always looking for new parents to get involved and help out!  It doesn’t cost anything to join – meetings are held monthly but are not required.  You can get involved in any committee including our Fall Fundraiser, Halloween Hoedown, Meadow Idol, Holiday Secret Shoppe, Book Fair, Spring Fundraiser, Theme Tray, and many others.  Stop by one of our meetings or drop us a note in the MHSA mailbox in the main office.

2016/2017 Officers:

President: Michelle Gampp
Vice President: Rachael Kuebler
Secretary: Rachael Zawadzki
Treasurer: Eric Stimson

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